Latest News and Updates for December 2020

Chrismas greetings

Welcome beer lovers,

It has been a while hasn’t it! A few things to tidy up coming into the Christmas season.


We will be closed for all public holidays and we will be opening for the following days. Please note amended hours between Christmas and New Years.

24/12/2020 – Normal hours but close at 4pm. There will be no kegs filled after 3:30pm.

25/12 to 29/12/2020 – Closed.

30/12 (Wednesday) – Open – 10am -4pm. There will be no fills after 3:30pm.

31/12 (Thursday) – Open – 10am -4pm. There will be no fills after 3:30pm.

01/01/2021 to 05/01/2021 – Closed.

06/01/2021 to 08/01/2021 – Open for normal trade but with reduced staffing.


Geoff (the other ‘G’) departed the business in August 2020 and since then Mark has joined me as a casual employee and I have been training in all facets of the business. Mark has proven himself to be an extremely reliable and competent colleague who has picked everything up very quickly.

Mark isn’t working weekends and will normally finish by 2pm but if you haven’t already please come in and say hello. There might be a beer in it for you.


Gunni’s XPA (Extra Pale Ale) has been available for a little while now and is peaking the interest of those who don’t mind a well hopped beer, with a bitter, hoppy backend to it. XPA style has been classified as an Australian brew which sits in between a classic pale ale and the rubbish Hipsters love to sit on for the whole night called an IPA (India Pale Ale).

This beer has been named after a mythical creature from the Victorian highlands called ‘Gunni’ (pronounced ‘Goon-eye’) that was supposedly a ‘horned’ Wombat. I thought it was an apt name as I had always stated

Rough End tropical lager is Horny Wombat’s Christmas beer. After the rant I went on with last newsletter about Hipsters hijacking ‘classic’ lagers with all their hopped up rubbish, you’ll never guess what style of beer this is. This beer should actually be called ‘Hypocrites Juice’.

Rough End has been highly hopped and has come out with a fantastic yellow (pineapple?) hue and when you hold it up to your nose (remember Hipster style) you get a really good strong fruit salad aroma. Go on, drink it, you’ll like it.

The first sip is a little sweet, light and quite crisp. Then the bitter mix of fruity hops hit you and leave you with a bitter ending palate.

It has been called ‘Rough End’ in honour of the pineapple aromas and flavour notes, and, more importantly, it reflects and celebrates the type of year we have all endured where we all got ‘…the rough end’.

Other new beers on the roster include Ella lager, a nice fairly malted lager with a nice little bitter note to it. Also don’t forget Uncle’s Dunkel, a nice full flavoured black ale with a nice coffee and mild chocolate note. Looks like a stout, tastes like a mild stout, pours and feels like a lager and tastes great for our climate.

Hornys Porter is coming back into stock this week but will need to be ordered.

Mark and I would like to thank all of our customers and we hope you all have a fantastic and safe Christmas and New year. Hopefully you will all get to see, speak and interact with all your loved one’s (and not so loved one’s) and that the New year will bring love, prosperity and more cold fridges to put your beer into.



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