Horny Wombat Brewery



At the Horny Wombat Brewery each brew is crafted with care using natural ingredients. All brewing is overseen by a single brew master which ensures consistency between brews. The same brew master is the only person who sources and purchases ingredients which further ensures consistency and a high quality product. No chemicals or preservatives are added to our beer.

Commercial grade brewing equipment is used throughout the brewery from our brewing vats to our triple filtration system.

The first stage of the process is producing the wort using our vats. These vats are water jackets with a closed boiling water system to ensure there are no ‘hot spots’ during the boil, this is important as any hot spot can burn hops and grains which would alter the flavour of the beer. On completion of the boil the wort is extracted through a heat exchanger to bring the wort to a suitable temperature for the activated yeast.

Stage two of the process is to ferment the beer, which is achieved in a temperature-controlled room. At this stage the beers are monitored on a daily basis which allows for a consistent alcohol content. On completion of fermentation the beer is moved to the chiller room where it is allowed to settle.

The final stage of the process is to filter and carbonate the beer. Beer filtration is done through a commercial grade triple filtration system to remove any small particles that may be present. Prior to the beer being dispensed it is carbonated utilising an automated system.