Latest News and Updates for May 2021


Good evening to beer connoisseurs out there.

A few words to you all about what is going on in and around the Wombat shed.


As they say in the classics ‘Winter is coming’, and as winter is creeps up on us the brewery is going to change our opening hours. Hours will only be changing for Wednesday and Thursday trading:

Mon: Closed
Tue: Closed
Wed: 12pm to 5pm
Thu: 12pm to 5pm
Fri: 12pm to 6pm (unchanged)
Sat: 10am to 3pm (unchanged)
Sun: 10am to 3pm (unchanged)

Winter beer is here with lots of Dunkel and Wiessen available. The Dunkel is a lovely black ale with a slightly fuller body but a sweet coffee taste instead of a stout bitterness and a lovely creamy head.


With the supply of new ingredients Mark and I have been able to brew what will hopefully be a very light, dry, crisp lager which will be worked on and ready for summer.

Hopefully I will be able to brew a classic blonde with a single hop which will peak our taste buds.

Time willing I also intend developing a classic Amber or golden ale. I will be looking for a nice golden colour, a tiny bit of bitterness and a good, creamy head.


Some of you may have seen my Facebook post about where in the world I was. I was in Queenstown New Zealand and was there as soon as travel was allowed.

Congrats to Steve for guessing and he has picked up his complementary carton of beer which I hope he has enjoyed.

I visited all the breweries in the local area and was very impressed with some of the IPA and hopped beers being made with Kiwi hops. I will maintain that an IPA is a waste of good water but as a brewer you have to do things that you really don’t agree with. Especially when I am trying to widen my range of beers so that I can stock a number of taps in the new taproom.

If you get the opportunity, and I absolutely recommend traversing ‘the ditch’ and get to Queenstown. Must visits include

Cargo brewery

Altitude brewing

Searchlight brewery – lovely little bar with a great fireplace that I hogged whilst it was pouring cold, cold Kiwi rain outside,

Arrowtown Brewing Co – best classic non-hopped lager I tasted,

Bardeaux whiskey bar – spent every, very, very, late night beside the open fire sipping extremely magnificent single malt and Whiskey Sour,

Gibbston Valley winery – where I drank my first ever, glass of wine (Pinot Noir) opening up a whole new world to me,

too many high quality, exceptional service restaurants to name. The staff and people everywhere were wonderful and extraordinarily happy to hear a foreigners accent (really!) knowing that I was the first of hopefully many more to travel to Queenstown this year,

There’s not much else happening in the Wombat world at the moment but please do keep on coming in and buying your beer and please keep giving me feedback. I really do value your comments, only about the beer of course.

Cheers, drinks lots and drink safely,

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