Latest News and Updates for May 2022

Good news and bad news


Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet a couple of lovely little Australian icons.

They are Southern Hairy Nose wombats and the dark one is called Liberty and the light one is called Freedom. They were found on July 4 2021 and have been reared, in care since, and are about 10 months old.

They are being cared for by Jan and Shirley from the Wombat Protection Society of Australia in Jervis Bay, NSW.

It was an honour and an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to feed and pat them and I cannot thank Michele enough for arranging the opportunity to be with them and to Jan for taking the time to show me around and what to do.

It is people like these ladies who work absolutely tirelessly, destroy their backyards and are awake at all hours of the day and night to help try and save our native fauna.

Incredibly, Queensland has wombats. They are the Northern Hairy Nose wombat and they are critically endangered with only 321 known animals surviving. It is the WPS and it’s incredible volunteers who are trying to save these magnificent animals.


Now that I’ve buttered you all up with some lovely photos I will announce that our beer prices increased on the 1st of May 2022. It is an unfortunate result of the current economic situation we all find ourselves living in.

19lt kegs will be $85 and $90,
50lt kegs will be $230 and $240,
1 bottle $5,
6 packs $25,
Carton $80

It hasn’t been an easy decision but at the end of the day it is the first increase in 2 years and my suppliers keep on passing their cost increases on to me, and even though things like freight have skyrocketed, and they take my money they cannot supply my ingredients in a timely manner, waiting up to a month, which unfortunately leaves me unable to brew and supply some of my product. It is frustrating but I cannot thank all of you enough for your support and patronage.

Remember to check your fridge temps with the cooler weather coming. We have already had a few frozen kegs. Don’t rely on the digital display, get yourselves a small thermometer and throw it into the fridge.

Cheers, stay safe, keep hydrated,


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