Latest News and Updates for April 2022

Easter trading hours and updates


Because Mark has been doing the work of two people since early December and my recovery and return to the brewery has been very slow I have decided that Mark really, really needs a break and some time without beer.

We will be closed for the duration of Easter for the following periods:

Good Friday – Closed
Easter Saturday – Closed
Easter Sunday – Closed
Wed 20th Apr to Sun 24th Apr – Closed

We will re-open for normal trade on Wednesday 27 April 2022.

I am sorry for the inconvenience that this will cause but Mark really does need some time off. He has worked himself to the bone and has run the brewery magnificently.

Everyone, please have a safe, happy and very chocolaty Easter.


Unfortunately, due to every reason under the sun that every other retailer has provided, we will be increasing our prices from the 1st May 2022.

We haven’t increased prices for over two years but we just couldn’t continue to sustain and absorb the ridiculous price increases we have experienced in ingredients, equipment and transport costs. Some of our ingredients have doubled in cost and shipping costs have most certainly been passed on to us.

At this stage I haven’t completed my cost analysis, and I will be advising ASAP of the increase.

Again, I have tried to stave off an increase for as long as possible but other factors have forced my hand. You will still be getting great tasting, great quality and great value beer to get happy on at home.


Mark has brewed what will be a dark ale with hopefully a little bit of a chocolate tang to it. We are calling it “Drunk Bilby dark” and it is now available. There isn’t much of it available so come and try it.

Work on the Moon Boot lager continues but it has a nice little hop zip to it. We are working to bring it a little more zing without the hoppiness.

We will be brewing some darker beers for the coming winter (we don’t really have a winter), really, but some like it dark during the shorter daylight hours?

The dark syrup will be available towards the end of May for the stronger taste buds.


We have taken receipt of a whole heap of new t-shirts and sweat shirts.

We also have new stainless ‘traveler kegs’ available. They comprise of a 5lt stainless keg, CO2 bulb attachment, a party tap and lots of fun. They are $250 each, I think, maybe $270?


With the change in weather and the cooling temperatures it is very, very important that we all check the temperature of your fridges so that your beer doesn’t freeze. Just check the following:

– The fridge, with the cooler temperatures, will start to work more efficiently and as such will get down to, or below the displayed temperature,
– The efficiency of your fridge is also dependent on where you place it, outside, inside, in direct sun, in air conditioning, in a shed and most importantly if it has proper ventilation,
– The digital temperature readout is notoriously inaccurate, up to +/- 4 degrees,
– If worried that your fridge may be working too well, turn it up a degree or two, check the kegs nearest the chiller plate at the rear, they will be the first, and generally only ones to freeze. Rotate the kegs if needed,
– Purchase a small thermometer and place it in the fridge, preferably to the centre. Check the thermometer regularly and compare to the digital readout, you will learn the differences between the two and adjust accordingly, leave the thermometer inside the fridge year round, it will assist in getting to know how your fridge works,

Cheers, drink lots (responsibly) and a Happy Easter,

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