Horny Wombat update

A big hello to all of you,

I hope we are all traveling well in these uncertain times and we are all beginning to enjoy the art of staying home and getting on with family a little better. It looks like restrictions are starting to ease but vigilance is still needed.


Geoff returned to the brewery two weeks ago now and he is in very good health. It is nice to have someone to talk to again. I was getting sick and tired of the arguments I was starting to have with myself.


As we start to 'flatten the curve' some people are hoping that the gates might be opened a little to be able to sit down and have a beer in a pub or club. This is not going to be the case for a little while yet.

Liquor Licencing have advised that at this time no restrictions on pubs, clubs and restaurants have been lifted or relaxed and they have put no time frame on when these relaxations might occur. Because of this we are still not able to allow customers to bottle their own beer, in their own bottles and we are not allowed to fill bring in growlers.

Social distancing is still required within the brewery and we are still not serving beer and there are no seats to sit on.

Please try and call ahead before you come in. Just to make sure there isn't too many people in the shed at one time, to make sure we have what you want so that you're not waiting unnecessarily long times and so that you minimise your time in the shed.


We still have some Tipsy Wombat lager left. A black lager with a good coffee and chocolate flavour to it. Strong in flavour, light on the tongue. A great drop.

The Czech Pils is being brewed with a wheat base to it and it has come off really nicely, we think, with a really nice quite sweet taste and really great, light gold colour and a crisp mouth feel to it. The Czech is now one of our core range but it is moving nicely.

Geoff and I have recently brewed a couple of new beers including a dark wheat dunkel and a Weissen. We are still to try them but are looking forward to tasting them. Unfortunately, with the shutdown we can't allow customers to taste but hopefully that will change in the near future. The beers remain unnamed but I'm sure between Geoff and I we will come up with a stupid name or maybe one of you might like to make a suggestion?


In the last couple of days all of our newsletter subscribers received an email asking if they still wanted to be on our email list with a link to click on. THIS IS A SPAM EMAIL.

Luckily on this occasion the spam appears to have been a ‘robot’ spam tool and the email has not been attached to any trojan, virus or the like. Our administrator did advise that now that the spammer has found a way in to our email there may be more attacks.

In light of this please ensure that if you get an email from our email address and it contains a link to click on. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK.

Geoff and I will never, ever send an email containing a link to click on and we will always sign our emails off with ‘Cheers, G&G. Please keep this in mind.

We will also never send unsolicited invoices or requests for money. Neither Geoff or I know any Nigerian Princes needing millions to be transferred and we certainly don’t know any beautiful Russian girls who need a husband. If only I did…Geoff doesn’t have any spare Viagra to sell and I have used all my miracle moisturising lotion. It hasn’t worked, I’m still pretty ordinary to look at.

Again, sorry for the long and winding email but I hope this provides a little bit of information for you all.

For our foreign recipients please stay safe, please be mindful of where you are, who you’re with and who you might be unknowingly infecting if you have ‘the COVID’.

Geoff and I sincerely hope to see all of you back to the brewery some time in the near future so we can try some new beer with you all and provide you with quality beer to drink at home.

Cheers, stay safe,

Horny Wombat update

A big HELLO to you all,

Firstly, thank you to all of you who keep on supporting Horny Wombat brewery during this time of unusual challenges. Your business is, and always will be appreciated. Your feedback, positive, negative or indifferent will always be welcomed and we appreciate constructive negative feedback. We can only improve and resolve an issue if we know what the issue is. A pat on the back, when deserved, is also nice.

A few updates for those of you who are not on Facebook, or prefer not to be active (like me).


In line with the public holidays, for Easter I will be closing a 6pm Thursday 9th of April 2020 and will re-open, as normal at 12pm on Wednesday 15th of April 2020. This might give me some chance of catching up with brewing.


Geoff, the uglier of the two of us, has not been well and has been suffering with a confirmed case of COVID-19 which he and his lovely partner, Kay, managed to pickup as a souvenir from their sojourn to Italy, of all places! To put your minds at rest Geoff hasn't been near the business in 6 weeks and I haven't had physical contact since the day he left, 6 weeks ago. Geoff has managed to see the inside of the International airport, the Prince Charles Hospital and his home since he has been back in Australia. Geoff is in good spirits but has stated that the virus has really knocked him around, badly.

It is very sobering that someone so close to me has been affected and is suffering quite badly. Geoff is a very fit and healthy person and it is scary what the virus could do to someone in less than good physical condition.


In light of the fact that I have been operating the business by myself for the last 6 weeks brewing of beer has reduced, purely due to available hours in the day and my inability to stay awake longer than 16 hours.

There has also been an extraordinary demand for beer in the last two weeks as people are stocking up for the Zombie apocalypse. It's hard to hoard beer when you only have 2 or 3 kegs but most people are getting all their available kegs filled, just in case...

As a result, I am running fairly light on some of our beer lines. I am trying to make it last and in light of this please don't be offended if I say that you can't have 2 kegs of one type of beer. It's nothing personal, I just want to make sure that I can try a supply a little bit to as many people as possible.

The bottle fridge also keeps on getting hammered and again, I am the only one bottling beer so please try and be a little forgiving if your beer isn't always available in bottles. I will try and restock ASAP depending on available beer and time.


Last Friday QLD Liquor Licencing sent an email advising that bottling of customers growlers should stop during the period of the virus due to contamination concerns etc. In light of this I have made the decision that bottling your own beer will cease for the foreseeable future, until the ban is lifted. It makes sense as experts say that the virus can survive up to 4 days on metal surfaces and 9 days on glass surfaces. I'm so sorry about this but it is a decision that I didn't make lightly and I will try and lift as soon as there appears to be a relaxation on this.


In accordance with social distancing guidelines etc I have taken the following steps:

- seats have been removed in the brewery,

- there will be no sample beers served,

- stubbies are not to be consumed in the brewery, including car parks. If they are, they will be confiscated and you will be asked to leave,

- social distancing should be practiced at all times in the brewery, 1.5 metres apart, one person per 4sm etc. If I get too close to you, for your comfort please say so, sometimes I forget.

Congratulations if you have read down this far. Apologies for the long email but there has been a lot to cover and hopefully it will answer a number of questions I have been fielding over the phone.

Cheers, stay safe in these tumultuous times and look after each other,

George and Geoff (G&G)