November Newsletter

MOVEMBER Lager is beer of the month but no Mo required to enjoy this one. Drop in for a sample, grab a 6-pack/carton and enquire about getting kegs filled.

Hope you managed an Oktoberfest beer or few! The German beers went down well with some WHEAT BOCK still available. There is a definite following of the unfiltered CLOUD 9 WHEAT and SPOOKY WHEAT, two cloudy treats.

Trick or Beer? The HALLOWEEN LAGER & PASHOWEEN PILS disappeared fast. Not to worry if you missed out as there's sure to be a Bogey Beer, Pumpkin Pils or better next year!

We are currently developing a new lighter bodied pale ale. All indications are that it will be finalised next month so keep and eye on this space to see when it will be released.

Brewoomba 2015 – Head up the range for Toowoomba's 1st Craft Beer Festival on Saturday 14th November.

Remember to order your Xmas beer/cider ASAP as things get very hectic here in December. Also, remember the Party Keg Hires for something novel at your Festive gatherings.

A beery cheers until the Festive Season.


Horny Wombat Team