Australia Day

With Australia Day fast approaching January is being dedicated to Australian beers. Devil Lager - similar to a popular Tasmanian beer - is beer of the month (BOM). Another Tasmanian favourite is Joags Premium. There is also Easy Dry and Horny's Old available in the 6 packs. Not to forget the ever-popular Weeny Wombat Pale Ale similar tasting to a favourite Australian Pale Ale. There are many other popular Australian beers in the range you may consider trying this month.

Horny Wombat's been hard at work over the holidays brewing up a couple of new beers. Both have been tried and tested by expert beer drinkers and have passed with flying hops! So if you'd like to try Horny's Pash Ale – a good summer ale, or Shaggy Wombat's Pale Ale – an American style pale ale - they are both available in the 6 pack samplers, ideal for tasting before buying larger quantities. Horny's sure he won't disappoint you!

Hope you have a great Australia Day with lots of beer to wash down those snags.