Good news and bad news


Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet a couple of lovely little Australian icons.

They are Southern Hairy Nose wombats and the dark one is called Liberty and the light one is called Freedom. They were found on July 4 2021 and have been reared, in care since, and are about 10 months old.

They are being cared for by Jan and Shirley from the Wombat Protection Society of Australia in Jervis Bay, NSW.

It was an honour and an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to feed and pat them and I cannot thank Michele enough for arranging the opportunity to be with them and to Jan for taking the time to show me around and what to do.

It is people like these ladies who work absolutely tirelessly, destroy their backyards and are awake at all hours of the day and night to help try and save our native fauna.

Incredibly, Queensland has wombats. They are the Northern Hairy Nose wombat and they are critically endangered with only 321 known animals surviving. It is the WPS and it's incredible volunteers who are trying to save these magnificent animals.

Wombat feedWombat hold


Now that I've buttered you all up with some lovely photos I will announce that our beer prices increased on the 1st of May 2022. It is an unfortunate result of the current economic situation we all find ourselves living in.

19lt kegs will be $85 and $90,
50lt kegs will be $230 and $240,
1 bottle $5,
6 packs $25,
Carton $80

It hasn't been an easy decision but at the end of the day it is the first increase in 2 years and my suppliers keep on passing their cost increases on to me, and even though things like freight have skyrocketed, and they take my money they cannot supply my ingredients in a timely manner, waiting up to a month, which unfortunately leaves me unable to brew and supply some of my product. It is frustrating but I cannot thank all of you enough for your support and patronage.

Remember to check your fridge temps with the cooler weather coming. We have already had a few frozen kegs. Don't rely on the digital display, get yourselves a small thermometer and throw it into the fridge.

Cheers, stay safe, keep hydrated,


Good evening to beer connoisseurs out there.

A few words to you all about what is going on in and around the Wombat shed.


As they say in the classics 'Winter is coming', and as winter is creeps up on us the brewery is going to change our opening hours. Hours will only be changing for Wednesday and Thursday trading:

Mon: Closed
Tue: Closed
Wed: 12pm to 5pm
Thu: 12pm to 5pm
Fri: 12pm to 6pm (unchanged)
Sat: 10am to 3pm (unchanged)
Sun: 10am to 3pm (unchanged)

Winter beer is here with lots of Dunkel and Wiessen available. The Dunkel is a lovely black ale with a slightly fuller body but a sweet coffee taste instead of a stout bitterness and a lovely creamy head.


With the supply of new ingredients Mark and I have been able to brew what will hopefully be a very light, dry, crisp lager which will be worked on and ready for summer.

Hopefully I will be able to brew a classic blonde with a single hop which will peak our taste buds.

Time willing I also intend developing a classic Amber or golden ale. I will be looking for a nice golden colour, a tiny bit of bitterness and a good, creamy head.


Some of you may have seen my Facebook post about where in the world I was. I was in Queenstown New Zealand and was there as soon as travel was allowed.

Congrats to Steve for guessing and he has picked up his complementary carton of beer which I hope he has enjoyed.

I visited all the breweries in the local area and was very impressed with some of the IPA and hopped beers being made with Kiwi hops. I will maintain that an IPA is a waste of good water but as a brewer you have to do things that you really don't agree with. Especially when I am trying to widen my range of beers so that I can stock a number of taps in the new taproom.

If you get the opportunity, and I absolutely recommend traversing 'the ditch' and get to Queenstown. Must visits include

Cargo brewery

Altitude brewing

Searchlight brewery - lovely little bar with a great fireplace that I hogged whilst it was pouring cold, cold Kiwi rain outside,

Arrowtown Brewing Co - best classic non-hopped lager I tasted,

Bardeaux whiskey bar - spent every, very, very, late night beside the open fire sipping extremely magnificent single malt and Whiskey Sour,

Gibbston Valley winery - where I drank my first ever, glass of wine (Pinot Noir) opening up a whole new world to me,

too many high quality, exceptional service restaurants to name. The staff and people everywhere were wonderful and extraordinarily happy to hear a foreigners accent (really!) knowing that I was the first of hopefully many more to travel to Queenstown this year,

There's not much else happening in the Wombat world at the moment but please do keep on coming in and buying your beer and please keep giving me feedback. I really do value your comments, only about the beer of course.

Cheers, drinks lots and drink safely,

May Newsletter

HORNY'S LAGER, only launched this week, has been an instant success. As Beer of the Month it is available for a sample so drop in to give your verdict.

For those who have been waiting for it the RUSSIAN STOUT is back for winter. A reminder that at 8.5% it's not for the faint-hearted!

The 130 WOMBATS PALE ALE has taken off in a big way and is available for selection in mixed 6-packs/cartons from only $15/$57.

Remember Melbourne's GOOD BEER WEEK starting Friday 13th May. It's the best Beer Week according to some.

The GAPS (Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular) Beer, Cider and Food Fest is on in Melbourne during Good Beer Week and in Sydney the following weekend.

If that's not enough then there's the Good Beer Wheaty in Adelaide May 12th-15th.

Or if you'd rather just relax at home with a good, local beer then contact HORNY WOMBAT BREWERY to discover your keg/bottle options.


Team Wombat

Horny Wombat May News Letter

Hi Brewers,

Hope you got some time off over the holidays and had chance to drink a few good beers. MEXICANA went down very well as beer of the month (BOM) as expected.

The RUSSIAN STOUT was extremely popular too and sold out quickly. It should be flowing again shortly and hopefully supply will exceed demand over winter. Meanwhile, HORNY'S WHEAT STOUT is now available and worth trying if you're a black beer fan.

CLOUD 9 WHEAT, a new beer requested by German cloudy wheat beer lovers, has been a success and will be available at times depending on demand.

ANTLER BROWN ALE is available again as it proved very popular and is expected to be even more so now it's cooler. ODD BOD is another ALE that has become such a favourite that we will endeavour to have it permanently available.

The PALE ALES are as popular as ever with SHAGGY WOOMBAT becoming increasingly sought after. HORNY'S PASH ALE is also a favourite now and hopefully will no longer need to be rationed in the near future.

With winter fast approaching HORNY WOMBAT HOODIES should be in stock soon so watch this space if you want to keep the cold at bay with a hoodie.

Haven't had chance to check out HORNY WOMBAT BREWERY website yet? Click

HORNY WOMBAT BREWERY is also on Facebook now and we'd really appreciate it if you could LIKE us. We've heard this is the thing to do but we're still learning!

WIN the ULTIMATE GOOD BEER WEEKEND valued at the over $3000 during the Good Beer Week in Melbourne 16-24th May. Hurry as competition ends this weekend. For details click

BIG CAT LAGER, the popular beer from Singapore is BOM in May. It's available as share brews plus mix & match 6 packs/cartons along with:

Bangkok Pils
Bear Butt Lager
Devil Lager
James Boag Premium
Sumo Lager
Horny's Honey Lager
Czecherd Pils
Shaggy Wombat Pale Ale
Weeny Wombat Pale Ale
Squatters Ale
Horny's Wheat Stout
Antler Brown Ale
Odd Bod Ale
Horny's Ginger Beer
Horny's Apple Cider

Until next month - a Beery Cheers!

Nigel, Paula & Horny Wombat

Horny Wombat Newsletter Correction

We inadvertently put in an incorrect website address in the newsletter

The correct address is

Sorry for any confusion. Please blame Paula for this (Ha Ha).


Horny Wombat Brewery


Easter trading hours and updates


Because Mark has been doing the work of two people since early December and my recovery and return to the brewery has been very slow I have decided that Mark really, really needs a break and some time without beer.

We will be closed for the duration of Easter for the following periods:

Good Friday – Closed
Easter Saturday – Closed
Easter Sunday – Closed
Wed 20th Apr to Sun 24th Apr – Closed

We will re-open for normal trade on Wednesday 27 April 2022.

I am sorry for the inconvenience that this will cause but Mark really does need some time off. He has worked himself to the bone and has run the brewery magnificently.

Everyone, please have a safe, happy and very chocolaty Easter.


Unfortunately, due to every reason under the sun that every other retailer has provided, we will be increasing our prices from the 1st May 2022.

We haven’t increased prices for over two years but we just couldn’t continue to sustain and absorb the ridiculous price increases we have experienced in ingredients, equipment and transport costs. Some of our ingredients have doubled in cost and shipping costs have most certainly been passed on to us.

At this stage I haven’t completed my cost analysis, and I will be advising ASAP of the increase.

Again, I have tried to stave off an increase for as long as possible but other factors have forced my hand. You will still be getting great tasting, great quality and great value beer to get happy on at home.


Mark has brewed what will be a dark ale with hopefully a little bit of a chocolate tang to it. We are calling it “Drunk Bilby dark” and it is now available. There isn’t much of it available so come and try it.

Work on the Moon Boot lager continues but it has a nice little hop zip to it. We are working to bring it a little more zing without the hoppiness.

We will be brewing some darker beers for the coming winter (we don’t really have a winter), really, but some like it dark during the shorter daylight hours?

The dark syrup will be available towards the end of May for the stronger taste buds.


We have taken receipt of a whole heap of new t-shirts and sweat shirts. 

We also have new stainless 'traveler kegs' available. They comprise of a 5lt stainless keg, CO2 bulb attachment, a party tap and lots of fun. They are $250 each, I think, maybe $270?


With the change in weather and the cooling temperatures it is very, very important that we all check the temperature of your fridges so that your beer doesn't freeze. Just check the following:

- The fridge, with the cooler temperatures, will start to work more efficiently and as such will get down to, or below the displayed temperature,
- The efficiency of your fridge is also dependent on where you place it, outside, inside, in direct sun, in air conditioning, in a shed and most importantly if it has proper ventilation,
- The digital temperature readout is notoriously inaccurate, up to +/- 4 degrees,
- If worried that your fridge may be working too well, turn it up a degree or two, check the kegs nearest the chiller plate at the rear, they will be the first, and generally only ones to freeze. Rotate the kegs if needed,
- Purchase a small thermometer and place it in the fridge, preferably to the centre. Check the thermometer regularly and compare to the digital readout, you will learn the differences between the two and adjust accordingly, leave the thermometer inside the fridge year round, it will assist in getting to know how your fridge works,

Cheers, drink lots (responsibly) and a Happy Easter,

Horny Wombat update

A big hello to all of you,

I hope we are all traveling well in these uncertain times and we are all beginning to enjoy the art of staying home and getting on with family a little better. It looks like restrictions are starting to ease but vigilance is still needed.


Geoff returned to the brewery two weeks ago now and he is in very good health. It is nice to have someone to talk to again. I was getting sick and tired of the arguments I was starting to have with myself.


As we start to 'flatten the curve' some people are hoping that the gates might be opened a little to be able to sit down and have a beer in a pub or club. This is not going to be the case for a little while yet.

Liquor Licencing have advised that at this time no restrictions on pubs, clubs and restaurants have been lifted or relaxed and they have put no time frame on when these relaxations might occur. Because of this we are still not able to allow customers to bottle their own beer, in their own bottles and we are not allowed to fill bring in growlers.

Social distancing is still required within the brewery and we are still not serving beer and there are no seats to sit on.

Please try and call ahead before you come in. Just to make sure there isn't too many people in the shed at one time, to make sure we have what you want so that you're not waiting unnecessarily long times and so that you minimise your time in the shed.


We still have some Tipsy Wombat lager left. A black lager with a good coffee and chocolate flavour to it. Strong in flavour, light on the tongue. A great drop.

The Czech Pils is being brewed with a wheat base to it and it has come off really nicely, we think, with a really nice quite sweet taste and really great, light gold colour and a crisp mouth feel to it. The Czech is now one of our core range but it is moving nicely.

Geoff and I have recently brewed a couple of new beers including a dark wheat dunkel and a Weissen. We are still to try them but are looking forward to tasting them. Unfortunately, with the shutdown we can't allow customers to taste but hopefully that will change in the near future. The beers remain unnamed but I'm sure between Geoff and I we will come up with a stupid name or maybe one of you might like to make a suggestion?


In the last couple of days all of our newsletter subscribers received an email asking if they still wanted to be on our email list with a link to click on. THIS IS A SPAM EMAIL.

Luckily on this occasion the spam appears to have been a ‘robot’ spam tool and the email has not been attached to any trojan, virus or the like. Our administrator did advise that now that the spammer has found a way in to our email there may be more attacks.

In light of this please ensure that if you get an email from our email address and it contains a link to click on. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK.

Geoff and I will never, ever send an email containing a link to click on and we will always sign our emails off with ‘Cheers, G&G. Please keep this in mind.

We will also never send unsolicited invoices or requests for money. Neither Geoff or I know any Nigerian Princes needing millions to be transferred and we certainly don’t know any beautiful Russian girls who need a husband. If only I did…Geoff doesn’t have any spare Viagra to sell and I have used all my miracle moisturising lotion. It hasn’t worked, I’m still pretty ordinary to look at.

Again, sorry for the long and winding email but I hope this provides a little bit of information for you all.

For our foreign recipients please stay safe, please be mindful of where you are, who you’re with and who you might be unknowingly infecting if you have ‘the COVID’.

Geoff and I sincerely hope to see all of you back to the brewery some time in the near future so we can try some new beer with you all and provide you with quality beer to drink at home.

Cheers, stay safe,

Horny Wombat update

A big HELLO to you all,

Firstly, thank you to all of you who keep on supporting Horny Wombat brewery during this time of unusual challenges. Your business is, and always will be appreciated. Your feedback, positive, negative or indifferent will always be welcomed and we appreciate constructive negative feedback. We can only improve and resolve an issue if we know what the issue is. A pat on the back, when deserved, is also nice.

A few updates for those of you who are not on Facebook, or prefer not to be active (like me).


In line with the public holidays, for Easter I will be closing a 6pm Thursday 9th of April 2020 and will re-open, as normal at 12pm on Wednesday 15th of April 2020. This might give me some chance of catching up with brewing.


Geoff, the uglier of the two of us, has not been well and has been suffering with a confirmed case of COVID-19 which he and his lovely partner, Kay, managed to pickup as a souvenir from their sojourn to Italy, of all places! To put your minds at rest Geoff hasn't been near the business in 6 weeks and I haven't had physical contact since the day he left, 6 weeks ago. Geoff has managed to see the inside of the International airport, the Prince Charles Hospital and his home since he has been back in Australia. Geoff is in good spirits but has stated that the virus has really knocked him around, badly.

It is very sobering that someone so close to me has been affected and is suffering quite badly. Geoff is a very fit and healthy person and it is scary what the virus could do to someone in less than good physical condition.


In light of the fact that I have been operating the business by myself for the last 6 weeks brewing of beer has reduced, purely due to available hours in the day and my inability to stay awake longer than 16 hours.

There has also been an extraordinary demand for beer in the last two weeks as people are stocking up for the Zombie apocalypse. It's hard to hoard beer when you only have 2 or 3 kegs but most people are getting all their available kegs filled, just in case...

As a result, I am running fairly light on some of our beer lines. I am trying to make it last and in light of this please don't be offended if I say that you can't have 2 kegs of one type of beer. It's nothing personal, I just want to make sure that I can try a supply a little bit to as many people as possible.

The bottle fridge also keeps on getting hammered and again, I am the only one bottling beer so please try and be a little forgiving if your beer isn't always available in bottles. I will try and restock ASAP depending on available beer and time.


Last Friday QLD Liquor Licencing sent an email advising that bottling of customers growlers should stop during the period of the virus due to contamination concerns etc. In light of this I have made the decision that bottling your own beer will cease for the foreseeable future, until the ban is lifted. It makes sense as experts say that the virus can survive up to 4 days on metal surfaces and 9 days on glass surfaces. I'm so sorry about this but it is a decision that I didn't make lightly and I will try and lift as soon as there appears to be a relaxation on this.


In accordance with social distancing guidelines etc I have taken the following steps:

- seats have been removed in the brewery,

- there will be no sample beers served,

- stubbies are not to be consumed in the brewery, including car parks. If they are, they will be confiscated and you will be asked to leave,

- social distancing should be practiced at all times in the brewery, 1.5 metres apart, one person per 4sm etc. If I get too close to you, for your comfort please say so, sometimes I forget.

Congratulations if you have read down this far. Apologies for the long email but there has been a lot to cover and hopefully it will answer a number of questions I have been fielding over the phone.

Cheers, stay safe in these tumultuous times and look after each other,

George and Geoff (G&G)

April News Letter

Recently launched PEKIN PILS has quickly become the front runner of Pilsners here making it the choice for Beer of the Month this April. Drop in for a sample to decide whether the Horny Wombat has good taste in beer. Even if you're not officially a Pilsner drinker this one may impress you.

LEPRECHAUN STOUT is back by popular demand so if you missed out last month you now have the chance again to add it to your mixed 6-pack or carton if you enjoy a Stout style beer.

OCEAN'S "5" ALE has established itself as a firm favourite while MID OCEAN'S "5" at 3.5% is now the most popular Lite beer.

SILLY OCEAN'S "5" has also really taken off in the Gluten Free range along with Pear Cider, Silly Ginger Beer and Silly Honey Lager.

Remember the PARTY KEG HIRE for your special occasions. Impress your mates with the novelty effect of beer on tap at your party. It's good value for only $70 per night including all equipment.

Beery regards.

Team Wombat


THE LOCKDOWN ISSUE - If you want beer please read

A warm, COVID safe welcome to all of you wombats,

I hope you all haven't finally gone around the twist with lockdown and having to be at home with the family...

I understand that beer can have a calming and relaxing effect when applied internally so I have decided to initiate a PICKUP/DROPOFF service for the duration of lockdown, however long that might be. Below are the details of the service which can be found on our booking page:

Or you can hopefully click on the link below directly. Please be patient if things don't work immediately, it has taken a bit of effort to drag the technophobe Wombat into the 20th century. Yes, I meant the 20th.


Please click on the link below to arrange a keg or gas re-fill.

It is important to remember to book the day before so that we can arrange our pickup schedule. Note the pickup day/s for various locations.


To ensure contactless collection please ensure you arrange for a collection time with the brewery or leave collection instructions in the notes. Please leave kegs in a conspicuous location for us to pickup.

Prior to delivery you will be contacted on your supplied phone number advising of delivery time. Kegs will be left in the location they are picked up from.


Do you have any of the following symptoms? Fever, cough, shortness of breath, muscle pains, loss of taste or smell, runny nose or congestion, sore throat, diarrhea, fatigue, headaches, nausea or vomiting?
Do any members of your household or a close contact have any of the above symptoms?
Have you, a close contact, or family member travelled to a designated hotspot recently?
Have you been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past two weeks?
Are you or a family member awaiting COVID-19 test results?
Have you, a close contact, or a family member been required to self-isolate or quarrantine in the last 2 weeks?

If you cannot answer 'NO' to all of these questions please do not order.


No cash payments will be accepted for COVID compliance reasons and security.

You will be sent an invoice after keg collection. Payment must be made and confirmed prior to delivery.


Orders from Caboolture to Sandgate and Ferny Grove will be collected On Friday.

Orders for Sunshine Coast will be collected on Saturday.

All orders will be processed overnight at this time.

There will be a $10 pickup/delivery fee for the local area (Friday collections) and all other areas will incur a $20 fee.

THE SHED IS CLOSED AND I WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING DROP-INS. This is to ensure that people do not venture from the home just to get beer. I will consider a drop off service in the 10km area if the lockdown is extended and orders are prolific.


Failing all of this fantastic electronic, cloud based wizardry I have managed to whip up, you can either just drop me an email at

or you can call or text me on my new mobile number setup just to take bookings. Wait, I don't have the number yet because Telstra are too stupid to be able to activate a new SIM card that they sent me and which I have been on the phone with them for over an hour. Number to come, watch the booking page.


There are many of my customers, and some owners as well who are not techologically connected and who will not know about this service. If they are friends and family of yours please take the time to let them all know they can order 

I hope this assists you all to ensure that we continue to supply you with lovely, attitude calming beer.

Please stay safe, wear a mask (it makes us all look better), get vacinated, and pickle yourselves from the inside out (with beer).



August 2020 updates

Hello beer lovers,

It has been quite a while since my last contact and unfortunately this will be a long one as there have been a lot of changes recently. I fully understand if you do not read any further but, as usual I will try to entertain you all.


Unfortunately the horrible spectre of more expensive beer has to be addressed. Our prices will be increasing on the 1st of September 2020. Obviously over the last 18 months or so ingredient costs, excise rates etc have all increased and whilst we have absorbed them, and averaged them there has to come a time.

I am still costing the increase but I expect it will be somewhere in the range of $5 per 19 litre keg.

We are also looking at brewing some more intensive, hop driven and ingredient hungry beers and these unfortunately will be costed and will easily be more expensive than normal beers. These beers will not be core range beers and will be part of Geoff and I experimenting with styles, flavours brew techniques etc.


Recent and continual changes have made COVID life difficult for all of us. A large number of requirements have been placed on us, as a licenced premises, which Geoff and I are more than happy to comply with to ensure a safe workplace and an even safer environment for our customers.

Current requirements are that we record all persons entering and exiting the premises. This includes the following:

Address (EITHER residential OR email),
Contact number,
Date and time in AND time out,

Not one customer has taken exception to being asked to fill out our COVID entry forms. Geoff and I are extremely thankful for your cooperation and compliance. It really is important to maintain our vigilance. This will allow us to maintain our freedom of movement and hopefully prevent a Victoria occurring up here.

Please remember that Geoff and I are getting old and sometimes we forget to ask, or we are just too busy to remember. If, upon attendance at the brewery you could attend at the front bar table and fill out the form we would be most appreciative. Rest assured your details are not being used for marketing or being forwarded on to the Chinese Communist Party.

It is a small impost on all of us that, hopefully the government will never need to utilise or refer to, but in the event we turn into a Victoria it may become an invaluable tool in the tracing and control of this horrible virus.

PLEASE TRY TO PHONE AHEAD. This can greatly minimise your time in the shed and your time exposed to other people. It also allows Geoff and I to try and plan our beer stocks and ensure you, as the customer get what you want, when you want.


We are on the very last stock of our black lager, the Tipsy Wombat. It has been my favourite concoction since we have been at the brewery. It will be available as a special order.

We have very small stock of Wombat’s Weissen, a heavier wheat based beer. Deep gold colour, strong flavour and medium bitterness. A good medium beer with full grain flavour as opposed to a malt flavour.

Uncle’s Dunkel, a heavy dark German, wheat beer is also in limited supply. It is an extremely tasty beer that has a deep, deep brown colour, pours heavier and has a beautiful creamy head to it. I have had two 50 lt kegs sell on the day they have come off and presently have several still available. I can’t even put it on tap as it keeps on selling out.

Geoff and I are going to start experimenting with an XPA style beer that I really can’t stand, so I know it is good. It is very similar to Balter XPA in flavour. 

You all know that I lover a good lager, and at the moment the hipsters have hijacked good lager by throwing hops into the mix and calling them ‘classic’ lagers. This, as far as I am concerned is lazy, quick brewing. These are NOT lagers and do the long history of ‘lagering’ no justice. We will continue to work on trying to produce high quality lagers and I am presently working on a really light coloured, very crisp lager to be ready for summer.

We will keep you all posted.


As an indirect result of COVID our suppliers (several) have run out of primary ingredients for all of our ciders. We are feverishly trying to identify other sources for our ingredients and we are trying to ensure that the product remains the same. Unfortunately this hasn’t been the case and our suppliers have made no commitment to supply any earlier than October.

We have actually, already run out of Apple cider. Pear cider is about to drop off the available list and Berry cider, which has become really trendy with the woke crowd is also on the endangered list.

Again, due to ingredient supply the flavour of both the Apple and Pear have had to change and are both, for my uneducated taste buds both a little bit sweeter. Feedback however, has been universally positive to the changed flavour but Geoff and I both like the original flavour and will return to that as soon as we can.

It will be at least 3 weeks before we have extremely limited supply of our ciders back in stock. We will keep on working on supply chains to try and keep them in stock.


Please be advised that our opening hours are as follows:

Monday – closed
Tuesday – closed
Wednesday – 12pm to 6pm
Thursday - 12pm to 6pm
Friday - 12pm to 6pm
Saturday – 10am to 3pm
Sunday - 10am to 3pm
Geoff and I love seeing all of your smiling faces, love supplying you all great beer and love talking to you all. We do however believe this should occur during opening hours. A number of customers have, unfortunately been the victim of a very frosty response from me (George) but if I’m brewing nothing else in the world matters for that period of time. I hope you all understand this as brewing is an intensive and potentially dangerous process and one missed action can result in a destroyed brerw.

Rest assured, we might be in the shed from 6am on numerous days but despite how it looks during opening hours we are actually extremely busy before trade. Below is a response to a review several months ago. It kind of explains what goes on behind the scenes, but it is also quite entertaining reading…,152.8551869,11z/data=!4m6!1m5!8m4!1e1!2s110338648242719317036!3m1!1e1?hl=en-AU

A number of customers will attest to the fact that if something goes wrong Geoff and I will do everything in our power to fix the problem and often we will not charge for that o-ring we replace, that keg that needs a good scrub, those grams of CO2 we don’t charge for because we can’t fill your bottle.

Geoff and I will always try and find a solution to your problem or issue and hopefully we have done our job sufficiently that there is never a problem of issue in the first place.


Referring to kegs in the previous section reminded me to remind all of you.

Please keep an eye on the cleanliness of your kegs. Whilst we sanitise your kegs each and every time they come in this is not designed to give your kegs a deep clean. Depending on how you treat them, how long they sit unused etc depends on how they age. You need to occasionally get a skinny armed person to put their arm inside the keg and scrub the residue off the interior walls every now and then. This will ultimately ensure your beer is not contaminated, maintains it’s fantastic flavour and lasts for as long as possible.

Be mindful of the locations that you store your kegs. If they are kept outside, in the sun, in the dirt, exposed to the elements don’t expect the various rubber components to last as long as they should. 

If you purchase second hand kegs make sure you check them over and that all the required parts are installed and in good condition. We have replaced o-rings, seals and other parts on ‘re-conditioned’ kegs that should have had these components on them, in a new condition. Other than posts we haven’t charged for the parts.

Recently I filled one of these kegs and found a leak in the base of the keg. The beer tube (Aluminium), touching the stainless steel had caused a galvanic reaction resulting in three pinholes and rendering the keg useless. This was a ‘brand new’ reconditioned keg.

Another set of kegs, purchased second-hand were so filthy inside that the walls were coated in a thick, dry layer of beer residue. I serviced the three kegs, which involved leaving them to soak in an oxygen solution for several hours, pulling them apart, checking the seals and rings and then trying to clean them inside without looking like a bionic Popeye (kegs stuck on each of my fore-arms). We did not charge for this, it was done because I didn’t want our beer entering kegs that were contaminated, compromised and potentially dangerous for the customer. This is something that should be done and completed by the seller but is sometimes not being done properly.

If you have read down this far, well done, you deserve a beer. Try to pop in, grab a pot of beer from us and enjoy a quick, friendly conversation with Geoff and I. We would really appreciate it. Again apologies for the really long email, I will try and get in contact with all of you lovely people more often.

Cheers, stay safe,  stay distant, stay friendly during these uncertain times,


August Newsletter 2016

EKKA EXPORT is the limited edition beer to celebrate International Beer Day with on the 5th August. For this global celebration of beer you could drop in to sample this newly released beer of the month (BOM), make it part of your mixed 6-pack/carton or get your keg filled with it. Ensure you've got enough for your EKKA festivities too. You'll be pleased to get home and crack one after a fun-filled day at Brisbane's annual Show.

HORNY'S Porter, along with WICKED WOMBAT BROWN ALE, HORNY'S STOUT, BROWN BEAR HONEY & ODD BOD AMBER ALE are waiting in the fridge to help chase away the winter blues. If these darker beers are your style then they're sure to cheer you.

Beery Cheers

Team Wombat

Pear Cider

A new Pear Cider has arrived at the Horny Wombat Brewery. It is a dry-ish cider at 4.4%. Preliminary tasting have had a positive response.

Stocks are limited and it is currently available in mix and match 6 packs and cartons.

Horny Wombat August Newsletter

Hi Brewers,

Hope you've enjoyed a few beers even through the Big Freeze!

The Joags Premium was so popular as beer of the month (BOM) that it has been rewarded with the new name of Triple Horn Premium.

The French and American beers went down well, with Froggie Ale the top choice and Gopher Genuine Draft not far behind. Amber Steam made a late arrival but impressed an American visitor, among others, and is still available for those who haven't tried it yet.

The Raj Pale Ale was popular with those enjoying an IPA style beer, while the Wicked Wombat Ale has just hit the tap and is a good choice to finish off winter with if you like a classic English Ale.

The most exciting arrival is Horny Wombat's all new HOPPING WOMBAT PALE ALE - a hoppy, bitter beer with full flavour. Its sneak tastings have got fantastic responses and its official launch is on International Beer Day – Friday 8th August.

For some beery fun you don't have to venture too far this month. Just head up the Sunshine Coast on Saturday August 29th for the Noosa Craft Beer Festival where you can try more than 80 different beers and ciders showcased by 20 brewers. Noosa Festival

Even closer to home, to celebrate Brisbane's Good Food Month The Bent Elbow Beer Garden & Eating House is offering a Drink & Dine package. Good Food

If you're up for an international beer adventure then New Zealand is the place to head for with the Wellington Beervana on 14-15 August.Beervana

Looking for a beer experience within a beer experience? Then the Lunch & Beer Matching with beer enthusiast Matt Kirkegaard at the Beer InCider Festival, Albion in September is the place to be. Tickets very limited and on sale now.BeerInCider

Finally, are you in the Ekka mood yet? No? Funny that! Sure you will be after you've tasted Horny Wombat's Ekka Special Lager. You're excused for thinking that's a typo as hopefully you will find this an Extra Special Beer of the Month. So drop in to sample a glass and give your verdict.

The Ekka Special and other beers are available for share brews in kegs/bottles plus in 6 packs & cartons from only $15. Please enquire for more info.

For an update on beery happenings this month look out on Horny Wombat's blog Horny Wombat Blog or on Facebook .


Horny Wombat Team



Good morning Wombats,


In light of the current restrictions I am advising of the following for the next two days at least:

The brewery is open for business, as normal, FOR TAKEAWAY ONLY, with the following changes to minimise risk to all,

  • Normal trading hours, however closed all of Easter and re-opening at 12pm Wed 7th April 2021,
  • No customers are to enter the shed at any time
  • No glasses of beer will be served, at any time, for any reason,
  • There will be no sit-in drinking, at any time, for any reason,
  • It is imperative that customers call ahead to book a time, we want to minimise any contact with other customers and we want to manage the number of people at our venue as much as possible,
  • You must wear a mask, at all times when we attend at your vehicle to collect your kegs or fill your order, weather you are in your car or not,
  • Customers will still need to check-in,

As most of you would know, Redcliffe has become a real hotspot as one of the positive cases resides at Redcliffe and has visited a number of venues in and around the brewery including a number of licenced premises and local restaurants and Bunnings.

You may disagree with me, but I am a full and complete supporter of the lockdown process and I will be doing all I can, as a small business owner to minimise any possible exposure to me and most importantly all of you, as my loyal customers. I have previously, and if it gets worse, will, voluntarily close to ensure my customers do not move around without necessity.


On a much lighter note, I have given birth to an Easter beer.

TIPSY WOMBAT, which was Easter beer last year is a black lager with good coffee and chocolate notes. Pours like a lager, mouthfeel like a lager but is dark and foreboding, much like the times we are experiencing. A great drop that I have made a little dry, and quite potent! Very similar to Asahi Black but kicks your socks off.

There is VERY limited stock of this.

Cheers to one and all, please stay safe, think of the person next to you, try to be positive and drink lots of beer,


Opening hours Easter 2018

We will be open on Easter Saturday from 10am - 3pm but will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

March 2018

With the weather still so hot there is nothing better than drinking a couple of cold beers on these humid afternoons or mornings.

The Wombats have been busy preparing for St Patricks Day (17 March - 2 weeks away) and Easter holidays (30 March - 4 weeks away). To celebrate St Patricks day beer of the month is Leprechaun Lager, an easy drinking beer without too much bitterness. This is currently available in mixed 6 packs/cartons and kegs. If there is a particular beer you require 50L of prior to Easter please let us know so it can get brewed in time.

Looking forward to seeing you during the month.

March News Letter

We have gone a bit Irish this month with LEPRECHAUN LAGER & KILKENNO DRAFT as the must drink beers at St. Patrick's Day celebrations, while LEPRECHAUN STOUT is the one to try if you like something darker.

The recently launched OCEAN'S "5" ALE is becoming more popular by the day. It has fought its way quickly to being Beer of the Month in March although it wasn't much of a fight with it being so sought after. Drop in for a sample of this fruity beer with strong passionfruit aroma and subtle grapefruit flavour. Even if this doesn't sound like your style of beer its still worth having a taste as you may be pleasantly surprised.

MID OCEAN'S "5" at 3.5% has made its appearance this month as there have been many requests for a lighter version. The response so far has been very positive.

Remember Growlers can be filled this month with OCEAN'S "5" ALE for $12/2 litres.

BREWSVEGAS is on again in Brisbane for the 3rd year from 11th – 20th March. Discover the many interesting beers available at different venues around Brisbane.

BEER & CIDER FESTIVAL – Canberra's 9th annual is on Saturday 19th March, while Newcastle Craft Beer Week 2016 runs from March 6–12.

Wishing you a beery St. Paddy's Day and make sure your beer well hidden from those crafty Leprechauns!


Team Wombat


Chrismas greetings

Welcome beer lovers,

It has been a while hasn’t it! A few things to tidy up coming into the Christmas season.


We will be closed for all public holidays and we will be opening for the following days. Please note amended hours between Christmas and New Years.

24/12/2020 – Normal hours but close at 4pm. There will be no kegs filled after 3:30pm.

25/12 to 29/12/2020 – Closed.

30/12 (Wednesday) – Open - 10am -4pm. There will be no fills after 3:30pm.

31/12 (Thursday) - Open - 10am -4pm. There will be no fills after 3:30pm.

01/01/2021 to 05/01/2021 – Closed.

06/01/2021 to 08/01/2021 – Open for normal trade but with reduced staffing.


Geoff (the other ‘G’) departed the business in August 2020 and since then Mark has joined me as a casual employee and I have been training in all facets of the business. Mark has proven himself to be an extremely reliable and competent colleague who has picked everything up very quickly.

Mark isn’t working weekends and will normally finish by 2pm but if you haven’t already please come in and say hello. There might be a beer in it for you.


Gunni’s XPA (Extra Pale Ale) has been available for a little while now and is peaking the interest of those who don’t mind a well hopped beer, with a bitter, hoppy backend to it. XPA style has been classified as an Australian brew which sits in between a classic pale ale and the rubbish Hipsters love to sit on for the whole night called an IPA (India Pale Ale).

This beer has been named after a mythical creature from the Victorian highlands called ‘Gunni’ (pronounced ‘Goon-eye’) that was supposedly a ‘horned’ Wombat. I thought it was an apt name as I had always stated

Rough End tropical lager is Horny Wombat’s Christmas beer. After the rant I went on with last newsletter about Hipsters hijacking ‘classic’ lagers with all their hopped up rubbish, you’ll never guess what style of beer this is. This beer should actually be called ‘Hypocrites Juice’.

Rough End has been highly hopped and has come out with a fantastic yellow (pineapple?) hue and when you hold it up to your nose (remember Hipster style) you get a really good strong fruit salad aroma. Go on, drink it, you’ll like it.

The first sip is a little sweet, light and quite crisp. Then the bitter mix of fruity hops hit you and leave you with a bitter ending palate.

It has been called ‘Rough End’ in honour of the pineapple aromas and flavour notes, and, more importantly, it reflects and celebrates the type of year we have all endured where we all got ‘…the rough end’.

Other new beers on the roster include Ella lager, a nice fairly malted lager with a nice little bitter note to it. Also don’t forget Uncle’s Dunkel, a nice full flavoured black ale with a nice coffee and mild chocolate note. Looks like a stout, tastes like a mild stout, pours and feels like a lager and tastes great for our climate.

Hornys Porter is coming back into stock this week but will need to be ordered.

Mark and I would like to thank all of our customers and we hope you all have a fantastic and safe Christmas and New year. Hopefully you will all get to see, speak and interact with all your loved one’s (and not so loved one’s) and that the New year will bring love, prosperity and more cold fridges to put your beer into.



December Newsletter

The Festive Special & Santa's Stout are out!

If you're planning on shouting Mr. Claus a couple before his long, cold trip back then drop in for a sample and grab a mixed 6-pack for the occasion. Would be rude to let him enjoy them alone so perhaps a mixed carton may be more in order. Just ensure the old bloke's sleigh is facing North and his GPS set for the Pole before you share the beers!

Your mix may include the newly launched Ocean's 5 Ale, if you enjoy an easy drinking, fruity style beer with hints of passionfruit & grapefruit. Definitely one to try for the summer. Another new option is the 130 Wombat Pale Ale – we'll leave that one to your imagination!

Other choices may include the increasingly popular Pear Cider, plus many other beers, with Apple Cider & Ginger Beer also options.

Still got the dreaded Xmas shopping to contend with? At only $15 each the mixed 6-packs make great presents. Add a Horny Wombat stubby cooler plus a Headmaster beer glass with the Horny Wombat logo embossed and you have the ideal present for those who have it all. If you want to go all out other present choices include Horny Wombat bar runners, tees & singlets.

Horny Wombat Brewery will be open for "Beer as Normal" over the festive season apart from normal days off (Monday & Tuesday) plus the public holidays. So will be open for SOS calls Sunday 27th Dec plus the New Year weekend.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support this year. We wish you and your families all the best for 2016 and look forward to seeing you for more encounters of the Beery kind next year.

Xmas Cheers.

From the Horny Wombat Team

Christmas opening and new products

We are extending our opening hours before Christmas.
On Tuesday 23 December from 10am until 6pm
On Wedensday 24 December from 10am until 4pm

Other than the above we are open as normal

Please be aware that the 10th December is the last chance to get a 2 week brew in before Christmas

We have recently started stocking 2 Litre Thermo Growlers and 9.5 Litre kegs with party taps so you can take your beer with you when you go out


July Newsletter 2016

Newly launched HORNY'S LAGER has proved so popular that its hopped right into the Brewery Hall of Fame by making history as Beer of the Month (BOM) twice in succession. It won't be hopping out in a hurry either as it is now a permanent choice for kegs or mixed 6-packs/cartons.

For a change this month there is Beer of the Moment (so still BOM) which may include favourites like Triple Horn Premium, Pekin Pils, Ocean's "5" Ale, Tassie Devil Premium and more.

HORNY'S PORTER is now back by popular demand. From the photo you can see that the HORNY WOMBAT has made this darker style beer his choice to keep the winter chill at bay.

HORNY WOMBAT WEAR. New arrival of TEES in an array of colours including Maroon and Fluro so now you can take the Horny Wombat to work or the game. New hoodies and long sleeve tees also available

HORNY'S STOUT – a new stout to be launched shortly, plus SILLY APPLE CIDER (gluten free) are in the beer-line so watch this space for their releases.

The AUSTRALIAN DRINKS FESTIVAL is not one to miss if you're in Melbourne 16/17 July.

In Brisbane - BEER TAPAS – The most social way to enjoy a beer - The Alliance Hotel, Spring Hill – Saturday Lunch

Talking of food, biltong can't be beaten as the perfect match with beer. Our new biltong from The Biltong Man is proving very popular with flavours like Salt & Vinegar, Chilli/Mango and Old Fashioned Smoked being favourites.

Until next month, we hope your beer keeps flowing and not morph into slushies or even worse – beer blocks!


Team Wombat


February News Letter

FIRE DRAGON LAGER is the beer to celebrate Chinese New Year with and is beer of the month.

The newly released PEKIN PILS has quite a following already and is available now as a choice in the mixed 6-packs/cartons.

Limited edition WOMBAT BREKKY STOUT is made using oats. Surely this means a stout could be the new breakfast of champions.

KEG FRIDGE setups are becoming more popular than ever. If you're planning one for your Man Shed be aware there is a huge variance in quality out there. Do your homework well to avoid disappoint, plus added expense, later. Ask questions like - What type of gas bottle? Alloy or steel? What make of regulator? What taps? Confused? You're not alone. Drop in to sample a beer and discuss keg fridge options further.

Will you be in WA in this month? Then heading towards the South West Craft Beer Festival is a must. It only features brewers local to the area from Mandurah right through to Denmark. It's conveniently on February 13th so you could make it a Valentine Weekend trip. We didn't suggest that!

Finally to finish off here's a snippet of Wombat useless info!

Every morning a Wombat drops 80-100 square-shaped poop pellets around its burrow – but no, they don't have square butts!!

Beery cheers until next month from

Team Wombat

February 2015

Hope Australia Day was enjoyable with a couple of Aussie beers to cool down with. Horny Wombat's Australian beers went down well in January. The Tassie Devil Lager was as popular as ever for an easy drinking summer beer while the Joags Premium is always a favourite for those beer drinkers looking for more flavour.

If you now ready to sample an Asian beer or two amongst others then drop on down to the Horny Wombat Brewery to pick up a 6-pack samplers or two.


January Newsletter


Hope you had a good festive season. Sorry the newsletter is a bit late but like everyone else we are recovering from December.

TASSIE DEVIL PREMIUM is the brew of the month for January – a good Aussie Summer beer to celebrate Australia Day with.

We have two newly released beers, OCEANS "5" ALE & 13O WOMBATS PALE ALE. Both have been more popular than ever expected so if you haven't tried them yet be quick as they keep selling out.

The Gluten Free offerings are coming into their own with Pear Cider and Silly Honey in the fridge. Silly Ginger (Gluten Free Ginger Beer) was also available but has currently sold and more should be available in early February.

Remember if you have a Growler that you can get it filled here with Beer of the Month for only $12 (2 Litres).

Not got a Growler? You can buy a Thermo-Growler here with the Horny Wombat embossed for only $40 to show off at your Australia Day celebrations.

We're making this a short one as sure many are still on holiday and the Horny Wombat is exhausted from all the festivities!

Wishing you a beery Australia Day.

Kind regards.

Team Wombat


November Newsletter

MOVEMBER Lager is beer of the month but no Mo required to enjoy this one. Drop in for a sample, grab a 6-pack/carton and enquire about getting kegs filled.

Hope you managed an Oktoberfest beer or few! The German beers went down well with some WHEAT BOCK still available. There is a definite following of the unfiltered CLOUD 9 WHEAT and SPOOKY WHEAT, two cloudy treats.

Trick or Beer? The HALLOWEEN LAGER & PASHOWEEN PILS disappeared fast. Not to worry if you missed out as there's sure to be a Bogey Beer, Pumpkin Pils or better next year!

We are currently developing a new lighter bodied pale ale. All indications are that it will be finalised next month so keep and eye on this space to see when it will be released.

Brewoomba 2015 – Head up the range for Toowoomba's 1st Craft Beer Festival on Saturday 14th November.

Remember to order your Xmas beer/cider ASAP as things get very hectic here in December. Also, remember the Party Keg Hires for something novel at your Festive gatherings.

A beery cheers until the Festive Season.


Horny Wombat Team


The Horny Wombat Brewery has been born.

Thank you to all our loyal customers that have made this possible.

We would like to thank the following local businesses for their support and assistance during this process:

RIPEGRAPHICS (Emery Greer) Graphic Design and mural
TOLEDOH Enterprises (Tim Forrest) Web Development
PPS (David Cowley) Printing of glasses and signs
TEE HOUSE (Matt Gould) Tee Shirts

We have also had assistance from customers, thanks to Mike and Todd to name a few.


Oktober Newsletter

Oktoberfest beers are flowing! WHEAT BOCK, OKTOBERFEST PALE, BAVARIAN DARK, DORT EXPORT, CLOUD 9 WHEAT, an unfiltered treat, and more

So Oompah down to sample a MUNICH PILS? Perhaps grab an OKTOBERFEST 6-PACK SPECIAL – includes choice of 6 German-style beers plus a Horny Wombat stubby cooler for only $20.

BEAR BUTT LAGER went down well last month, while the BROWN BEAR HONEY has a following already. The general consensus on HORNY'S PORTER is that it's been worth waiting for so is sure to return next winter

The Beer InCider Experience was interesting and worth a visit next year to sample the many different craft beer & ciders, plus meet some of the brewers.

Remember the Oktoberfest in Brisbane over 2 weekends this month. Evidently it's one of the top 10 Oktoberfests outside Germany.

Looking for a Beerfest adventure outside Brisbane? There are "Oktoberfests in the Garden" in Perth, Melbourne & Sydney.

Lookout, there may even be a Halloween beer!

All beers mentioned plus more are available as choices in mixed 6-packs/cartons from only $15.

Wishing you much Oktoberfest and Spooky fun.

Cheers from

Horny Wombat Team


Brown Bear Honey

The Brown Bear Honey Ale has been given the heads up by beer drinkers who enjoy a good brown ale with a hint of honey.

This Ale is now available as a choice in the mixed 6-packs/cartons from only $15, along with other darker beers for this last chill including Wicked Wombat Brown Ale, Horny's Porter, Russian Stout & Antler Brown.

September News letter

Hi Brewers,

Fancy springing into Spring with a BEAR BUTT? Never tried it? Well here's your chance. Drop in to sample this Beer of the Month (BOM). If you like Moosehead you'll enjoy a Bear Butt Lager!

Grab a DAD'S DAY DIRTY DOZEN while you are here! 10 beers of choice & 2 Headmaster Beer pot glasses embossed with the Horny Wombat logo for only $30 – saving of $5 - until Fathers day. Bring Dad with you to sample the Dad's Day Draft on father's day weekend.

EKKA SPECIAL LAGER was a popular BOM, but the beer in the Keg of Fame last month was the all-new HOPPING WOMBAT PALE ALE. It hopped right up into prime position.

WICKED WOMBAT ALE is going down well with brown ale drinkers, while BARRA AMBER ALE is also worth a try this month, as is ISLAND IPA, back by popular demand.

With Canadian style BEAR BUTT as BOM why not go the whole Moose and try some other Canadian beers? BROWN BEAR HONEY if you like it darker but not too bitter, or the light-bodied BLUE DEER PILS to welcome in the warmer months.

Before things start hotting up too much though there's a PORTER to try. After many requests it's finally here so now is your chance to give HORNY'S PORTER a go if you prefer your beer dark & bitter.

Another dark monster has reared its head. No more hunting in the Loch as it's been exported and is hiding right here in a bottle. Don't believe it? Drop in to pick up some LOCH NESS EXPORT so you can taste the wee monster for yourself!

And then there's the PIZZARONI LAGER! What can we say? Now you can have your pizza and drink it! Or maybe have your beer and eat it! Either way this very easy drinking lager will get you stoking up that pizza oven fast! Currently this is available in limited quantities for 6 packs and cartons.

Had your fill of beer – and pizza - yet? How about finishing off with the newly released HORNY'S PEAR CIDER. After many requests, and much R&D, it's finally been perfected with very good feedback. Being on the dry side, it's appealing to cider and beer drinkers alike. Watch this space for a Berry Cider.

Talking of CIDER – it's finally the BEER InCIDER EXPERIENCE at Albion Raceway. We'll be there for a little sampling so expect first hand info next month - Brisbane Beer inCider

Beer festival with a difference! Northern Craft Beer Festival within the confines of historical Pentridge Prison in a Melbourne suburb later this month.

Heading towards PORT MACQUARIE? Drop in for their inaugural Beer & Cider Festival on 26 September -Port Macquarie Beer and Cider

OKTOBERFEST – If you still got energy after all the beery happenings this month don't forget to book your ticket for the Oktoberfest in Brisbane -Mail Oktoberfest

There will also be some interesting German beers at Horny Wombat Brewery in October that will be worth a taste or two including Wheat Bock and Cloud 9 Wheat.

Most of the above beers are available now. The Porter and Loch Ness will be ready next week. We will update you on the Brown Bear Honey release via the Blog and facebook.

Enjoy Dad's Day & happy beer drinking until Oktoberfest.

Regards Horny Wombat Team


July Newsletter

Hi Brewers,

Hope you got to enjoy the BECK 'n CALL Lager last month. It was so popular that it ran out for a couple of days. Sorry if you missed out but you're in luck as there's a drop more available now.

With both Bastille Day and US Independence Day this month it was a toss up between dedicating July to French or American beers – both won!

So the French beers FROGGY ALE & KRONNIES LAGER (if you like a beer popular since 1664) are available, plus the American beers BOSTON'S BEST & GOPHER GENUINE DRAFT. Later in the month AMBER STEAM will be available if you like Anchor Steam Beer from San Francisco.

The two American beers will be on tap for sampling on Saturday 4th of July from 10-2pm, while the two French beers will be available for sampling at the same times on Saturday 18 July.

Unfortunately, due to liquor licensing laws a small glass of only one of the above beers is allowed to be sampled on the day but the other beers can be purchased in 6 packs/cartons to take home and try at your leisure.

American and European beers not your style? Then the ever-popular JOAGS PREMIUM is beer of the month (BOM). This full flavoured Tasmanian style lager is well suited to mid-winter beer drinking.

If you prefer stronger, darker beers to get you through the winter then the WEIRDO ALE, ISLAND ALE & HORNY'S WHEAT STOUT are the ones to try. If you want the strongest & darkest then RUSSIAN STOUT is a must.

The increasingly popular PALE ALES are a happy medium between lagers and dark ales. Horny Wombat's two signature Pale Ales – SHAGGY WOMBAT & HORNY'S PASH - have quickly become favourites. The previously rationed Pash Ale is now flowing freely but still be quick as it disappears fast by those who enjoy a beer with a hint of passionfruit.

The new gluten free (GF) beer – SILLY WOMBAT LAGER – has been given the heads up and is available in bottles at present. Depending on demand hopefully the Silly Wombat will be permanently available in 6 packs. There is also now a much wider range of GF beers if you want full brews or ask about GF share brews.

There a couple of new beers in the making that should hopefully hit the tap shortly so to get an update on these keep a look out on Horny Wombat's blog or on Facebook

The HORNY WOMBAT HOODIES are causing a stir with sales of the maroon ones and blue ones neck and neck. That score is sure to change in a few weeks though!

Fancy a Weekend of Darkness? Then the Scratch Bar in Milton is the place to be on 24-26 July. This annual winter event in its 3rd year will feature up to 30 different dark beers. More info at ScratchBar

Time for a jaunt? The Top Shelf Boutique Drinks Festival, dedicated to premium & craft drinks, is on in Melbourne over the weekend 8-9th August. Evidently craft beers will shine and there will be free sampling. Find out more at Top Shelf

The Beer InCider Experience is back at Albion Park Raceway in September. Presale tickets are already available and general tickets go on sale July 3rd. There will be more than 130 craft beers and ciders available. The feedback from Beer InCider 2014 was that it was an experience not to be missed. More info here at Beer in Cider

If all the above is not enough, and you're looking for a warmer break, then head to the NT around mid July for the annual Beer Can Regatta. Maybe even take part in the Can Boat Challenge, plus much more at Beercan

Finally, Beauty & the Beer - a must for any beer loving man! Carlsberg has just released male grooming products made with real Carlsberg beer. Sorry, no Horny Wombat beer grooming products just yet!

If you're on holiday – enjoy. If you're not – there's still beer!!

Wishing you a beery, and hopefully not too chilly, July.


Horny Wombat Team

Island Ale

Island Ale is now available as choice for mixed 6-packs/cartons. This is a good winter copper ale.

Horny Wombats June Newsletter

Hi Brewers

BIG CAT LAGER was a hit in May as Beer of the Month (BOM). BECK 'N CALL LAGER should be equally as popular in June as BOM with it being a bit more full bodied for the cooler weather.

With the Queen's Birthday this month why not try a good English Ale like WEIRDO ALE at 7.3%. It will be available as a share brew plus in 6 packs/cartons from mid June. For a lighter style English Ale ODD BOD is as popular as ever. So if you enjoy English Ales these should impress you.

There have been many requests for ANTLER BROWN ALE which has also become a favourite and is now back in the fridge plus available as a share brew.

The RUSSIAN STOUT at 8.5% is so popular that its been selling out as it hits the shelf but should hopefully now be continually in stock over winter.

HORNY'S WHEAT Stout at 6.3% was also popular last month for those who prefer their stout not quite as strong but still with lots of flavour.

For those who still prefer a good lager even in winter the SUMO LAGER (if you like the Japanese beer Sapporo) has a fair bit of body to it and has been popular lately. Another ever-popular full flavoured lager is the JOAGS PREMIUM (if you like James Boag Premium).

HORNY WOMBAT HOODIES have got the tick of approval and should be in stock within the next few weeks to keep you warm during the coldest months.

GO GROWLERS! Evidently Australians are going crazy for Growlers with filling stations popping up everywhere. Fill your 2 Litre Growler with beer at the HORNY WOMBAT BREWER for only $12. Not got a Growler yet? Find out about our stainless steel Thermo Growlers with the HORNY WOMBAT logo embossed.

Fancy an Alementary Beer Tour on June 6th organised by the Scratch Bar in Milton to include a wander over to XXXX Brewery so a feel – and taste – of commercial and craft beers can be experienced on the same day. If Beer & Cheese are your vices then book quick for June 20th Masterclass at the Scratch.

If you like to venture far afield you may be interested in Adelaide's inaugural Beer & BBQ Festival in July with over 30 exhibitors.

To find out what share brews are available this month plus your choice for 6-packs and cartons either drop in or give us a call as the options change daily.

Remember that we are now on Facebook so a "Like" or "Checkin" from you is always appreciated.

A beery cheers from

Nigel, Paula & Horny Wombat